The main rules for the games offered by competecomigo.

Tips & Principle Rules

  • The Weather and the app:

    Weather conditions influences application performance because it affects the state of the network.


    The network is required to log in (and log out) and send the photos to the server.

    In addition to places the data network, you should turn on the GPS.

  • Event Modes:

    Freestyle National Mode in which it wins who travels the longest distance added during a

    month in your registration country.

    Free International Mode in which it wins who travels the longest distance added during

    one month in all countries.

    Tracking Mode route in which wins whoever travels a predefined route in the shortest time.


    Pay once, you compete all month in a certain Event mode.

  • Photo's rules:

    The first photo activates the stopwatch. Valid for all event modes.

    In the case of the Track Mode, you should take the picture while standing still and in a place that

    You were not more than 50 meters from the start of the course.

    n the National and International Freestyle Modes, the second photo can be taken at any time and place.

    In the Tracking Mode you should take it after you have passed the middle of the route and until

    cover 75% of the total.

    The third photo stops the stopwatch. As in the first photo, in the Path Mode

    must be taken at a distance of not more than 50 meters from the end of the course.

    By definition, in Freestyle Mode this photo has no place to take.

  • Data registration:

    In all event modes, all valid paths are registered and are public .

    In the personal area of each User, all routes are registers (even routes not

    considered valid). Ensures sufficient space on your phone for at least 3 photos.

  • Event validation:

    In Freestyle Mode the average speed of each route must be greater than 10 km / h.

    In this mode the photos will have to identify the User, bike and at least the zone where

    you find yourself .

    In the Tracking Mode, the initial and traveled routes are compared. All the situations that

    can not justify changes to the initial path will result in the deletion of that event in that

    User's Day.

    The first and second photos are only active after correct geo-referencing, i.e. not

    more than 50 meters from the start and end points on the map, respectively.

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