Check all about the Campaign for February (2021)

50 € payment for the winner of the international freestyle mode! Moreover, the regular awards are back!

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Campaign to run in Feb 2021

What do we offer in feb 2021?

A competecomigo offers 50 € to the winner of the international freestyle mode of february 2021. Conditions:

1) Sending email before any participation with acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

2) Sending SMS or WhatsApp before taking the first photo stating that you are about to start the game.

3) Donation via postal mail of at least € 5 to the compete comigo official address.

4) Regular prizes come back to all competecomigo games. The cost of participation in each game in the month of February is € 5. Visit the prizes page from the main menu to find out more.

What do we offer in january 2021?

A competecomigo offers € 0.5 per cycled km at the International freestyle mode in January 2021. Conditions:

1) Participate more than twenty cyclists with valid participation in this event.

2) All 20 or more users should cycle more than 50 km with the competecomigo app and use the app actively at least for a total of 3 hours.

3) The winner has not won or ranked in the top six in any of the events in the past.

What do we offer in January 2021?


4) In the event that the number of participants is less than 20, the prize is € 50 for the first place complying with the standard in point 3, and a minimum of 5 times using the app and a total of no less than 100 km cycled along january.

5) Photo rule validated in all user training.

6) The winner brings two friends to the games and these user participate in the international freestyle mode in January (requires checking by competecomigo).

7) Communication via email or WhatsApp before any of the participations for the purpose of remote tracking of the race.

8) Full compliance with the terms and conditions.

Updates, Bugs & issues

Report errors and will be posted here. Stay tuned.

1) A new version will be available soon. According to the new Google policy, in order to participate in competecomigo games, you must accept background location. Otherwise, the application will not let you take the first photo, so you will not be able to proceed with the game.

2) If you have an Android phone with version 9 or higher, you must disable all power management options on the phone. Otherwise, you will lose all intermediate positions.

3) At this time there are no more situations to report.

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